Photography Out Of The Blue

Lightning Bug Rain 

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There was a warrior who lifted his head and felt like his battle was lost,

Even though he fought with all his might and no matter what the cost.

He was heart sore, weary and couldn’t even find strength to lift his blade,

He saw there was no peace to be found until in the ground he was laid.

That is when he needed to step off the battlefield and seek alone the face of God.

As the tears flowed down in streams, he could do no more than lift his eyes to heaven,

He needed a breath of fresh air, a moment of peace to remember Christ his haven.

And as he walked that mile; with heavy heart and bloody hands,

He wondered through his tears if there was any, other than Christ, who understands.

God showed him a miracle, taught a dear lesson, all while easing his pain.

God did it all while the warrior walked under a stormy sky and in a lightning bug rain.

As the darkness settled around him, it all started with a flame,

Before he even had time to wonder at the flicker, he was in the middle of a lightning bug rain.

That moment soothed his sorrow as God used it to ease his pain,

God showed him His love by taking him and walking through a lightning bug rain.

On days when the warrior is standing beaten, bruised, with heart torn,

When his sword has grown dull and all his armor thin and worn.

When he can’t lift his head for fear of being bloodied,

Days when he’s weary of battle and pain and being muddied.

When his back is raw and wounded from the enemies sharp claws,

And he looks with steadfast weary gaze at the lion and his jaws.

It is then God takes him by the arm and leads him from the line,

God sees his wounds and the droop of his head then tells him that “it’s time ”

“Time to see the sun set and to walk ever so slowly down the lane.”

As they walk and they talk, God gives him comfort, beneath a stormy sky- in a lightning bug rain.

The warrior walked that mile with Christ his Savior and Lord.

That one long mile beneath a dark and threatening sky.

He cried powerful and noble tears yet never once asked “why?”

He knew that to truly follow Christ, is to be at war,

To fight and win, battle and lose, to be held close then pushed far.

God understands that every warrior needs a short reprieve from battle,

A chance to breathe easy and be away from those who meddle.

Yet the warrior knew that a rest couldn’t last forever, such is the nature of life.

So he turned to once again face the fight and readied himself for the strife.

He will hold forever dear the memory of walking with God down a lane…

… With a dark stormy sky above him… and surrounded by a lightning bug rain.




Author: photography out of the blue

I'm just a girl new to the world of photography trying to learn all I can! I like to work, build, create, cook, laugh, draw and am famous for having to many projects going all at one time! I'm still trying to figure out where I fit and what God wants from me...other than being me.

I'd love to hear what you have to say!

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